CA Fin Code Section 8009


Except where required by law, regulation, or court order, or permitted under subdivision (b), the commissioner, and all employees of the department, shall not disclose any information acquired by them in the discharge of their duties as prescribed by this division.


The commissioner may furnish information relating to the condition or operation of any association or other person to state and federal authorities that supervise financial institutions, to state, local and federal law enforcement agencies, and state agencies that are engaged in any investigation of an unsafe or unsound business practice.


No record or document in the possession or custody of the department which contains information specified in subdivision (a) shall be produced pursuant to a subpoena duces tecum addressed to the commissioner or any employee of the department except upon a determination of a court of competent jurisdiction that disclosure of the information in the record or document would serve the public interest and assist the department in conducting the duties prescribed by this subdivision. With respect to each item subject to the subpoena duces tecum, the court shall either make this determination or shall determine that the item is not subject to disclosure. The court’s determination shall be made upon hearing on a motion by the subpoenaing party under this subdivision to compel production of the document or record.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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