CA Fin Code Section 7703

For the purposes of this article:


A “net lease” is a lease under which the association will not, directly or indirectly, provide or be obligated to provide for:


The servicing, repair, or maintenance of the leased property during the lease term.


The purchasing of parts and accessories for the leased property; provided that improvements and additions to the leased property may be leased to the lessee upon its request in accordance with the full pay-out requirement of this section.


The loan of replacement or substitute property while the leased property is being serviced.


The purchasing of insurance for a lessee, except where the lessee has failed to discharge a contractual obligation to purchase or maintain insurance.


The renewal of any license, registration, or filing for the property unless such action by the association is necessary to protect its interest as an owner or financer of the property.


A “full-payout” lease is one from which the lessor can reasonably expect to realize a return of its full investment in the leased property, plus the estimated cost of financing the property over the term of the lease, from rentals, estimated tax benefits, and the estimated residual value of the property at the expiration of the initial term of the lease; provided that no more than 20 percent of the return may be realized from the residual value of the property at the expiration of the initial term of the lease. Both the estimated residual value of the property and that portion of the estimated residual value relied upon by the lessor to satisfy the requirements of a full-payout lease must be reasonable in light of the nature of the leased property and all relevant circumstances so that realization of the lessor’s full investment plus the cost of financing the property depends primarily on the creditworthiness of the lessee, and not on the residual market value of the leased property. The maximum term of a full-payout lease shall be 40 years.
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