CA Fin Code Section 6529


No affiliated person of a savings association may receive, either directly or indirectly, from the association, a subsidiary thereof, or any other source any fee or other compensation of any kind in connection with the procurement of a loan from that association or subsidiary.


No savings association shall give and no person shall accept any fee, kickback, or thing of value pursuant to any agreement or understanding, oral or otherwise, that business incident to or part of a real estate closing service shall be referred to any person by the savings association or by a subsidiary or affiliated person thereof, in connection with any loan on real property made by a savings association or subsidiary thereof.


Other than for services actually performed, no person shall give and no savings association or subsidiary or affiliated person thereof shall accept any portion, split, or percentage of any charge made or received for the rendering of a real estate closing service in connection with a transaction involving a loan on real property made by a savings association or subsidiary thereof.


For purposes of subdivisions (b) and (c), “real estate closing service” includes any service provided in connection with the execution of a real estate escrow transaction, including, but not limited to, title searches, title examinations, the provision of title reports, title insurance, services rendered by an attorney, the preparation of documents, property surveys, the rendering of credit reports or appraisals, pest and fungus inspections, services rendered by a real estate licensee, and the handling of the processing.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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