CA Fin Code Section 6522


An association that declares and pays dividends may distribute its own shares or may make payments in cash or property. Payment of cash or property shall be made only if there is a sufficient balance of unappropriated retained earnings which is that portion of income retained in the business since its organization or reorganization and which has not been appropriated or reserved for some specific purpose. Dividends shall not be distributed unless the association meets its required statutory net worth before and after that distribution. No dividends shall be paid if that payment would cause the association to be in an impaired condition.


A stock split, as defined in Section 188 of the Corporations Code, and a reverse stock split, as defined in Section 182 of the Corporations Code, are authorized and shall not be construed to be dividends within the meaning of this section.


Any distribution of permanent capital or paid in surplus shall require prior approval of the commissioner.


Any shareholder who receives any distribution prohibited by this section with knowledge of facts indicating the impropriety thereof is liable to the association for the amount received. The commissioner may bring an action for the benefit of the association to recover the distribution from the shareholder.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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