CA Fin Code Section 5801


Except as provided in subdivision (b), no person may become a savings and loan holding company, or thereafter register under Section 5804, unless the commissioner approves a completed application. The application shall be in a form prescribed by the commissioner, contain the following information and any additional information that the commissioner may determine by regulation or by written instructions to be necessary or appropriate to preserve the public interest, the integrity of the state’s savings association system, and to protect the interests of savings account holders, borrowers, and stockholders resident in this state:


The identity, experience, and financial and managerial resources of each acquiring person by whom or on whose behalf the application is made.


The terms, conditions, and method of any proposed acquisition, including copies of all tender offers used or to be used in connection with any proposed acquisition of capital stock.


The source, kind, and amount of the consideration used or to be used in making the acquisition, and, if any part of the consideration has been or is to be borrowed or otherwise obtained for the purpose of making the acquisition, a description of the transaction and the names of all participating persons.


Any plans or proposals that any acquiring person may have to liquidate or convert the association or savings and loan holding company, to sell its assets or merge it with any company, to change the number of its employees in this state or the terms and conditions of their employment, or to make any other substantial change in its business, corporate structure, management or employees upon becoming a holding company.


The names of those officers and directors that the acquiring person proposes to install in any change of managements, and for each of those officers and directors a financial statement, a description of experience in savings association related matters, and a statement as to whether the officer or director ever has been found guilty of misrepresentation, fraud, or financial misdealings.


If any tender offer, request or invitation for tenders or other agreement to acquire control is proposed to be made by means of a registration statement under the federal Securities Act of 1933, as amended, or in circumstances requiring the disclosure of similar information under the federal Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended, or in an application filed with the Office of Thrift Supervision or Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation requiring similar disclosure, that registration statement or application may be filed with the commissioner in lieu of the requirements of this section.


The commissioner may exempt any transaction from the operation of this section if the commissioner determines that regulation of the transaction is not necessary or appropriate.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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