CA Fin Code Section 4975


(1)Any licensed person who violates any provision of Section 4973, 4979.6, or 4979.7 shall be deemed to have violated that person’s licensing law.


After a knowing and willful violation, the licensing agency may bring a proceeding to suspend the license of the licensed person for not less than six months and not more than three years.


After a knowing and willful violation resulting in a second or subsequent administrative or civil action, the licensing agency may bring a proceeding to permanently revoke the license of the licensed person or impose any lesser licensed sanction for at least three years.


A licensing agency may exercise any and all authority and powers available to it under any other provisions of law, to administer and enforce this division including, but not limited to, investigating and examining the licensed person’s books and records, and charging and collecting the reasonable costs for these activities. The licensing agency shall not charge a licensed person twice for the same service. Any civil, criminal, and administrative authority and remedies available to the licensing agency pursuant to its licensing law may be sought and employed in any combination deemed advisable by the licensing agency to enforce the provisions of this division.


Nothing in this section shall be construed to impair or impede a licensing agency’s authority under any other provision of law.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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