CA Fin Code Section 21201


Every loan made by a pawnbroker for which goods are received in pledge as security shall be evidenced by a written contract, a copy of which shall be furnished to the pledgor. The loan contract shall provide a loan period that is a minimum of four months, shall set forth the loan period and the date on which the loan is due and payable, and shall clearly inform the pledgor of his or her right to redeem the pledge during the loan period.


Every loan contract shall contain the following notice, in at least 8-point boldface type and circumscribed by a box, immediately above the space for the pledgor’s signature:
“You may redeem the property you have pledged at any time until the close of business on ____ [fill in date no less than four months from date loan begins]. To redeem, you must pay the amount of the loan and the applicable charges which have accrued through the date on which you redeem.”


Every pawnbroker shall retain in his or her possession every article pledged to him or her for the duration of the loan period. During such period the pledgor may redeem the articles upon payment of the amount of the loan and the applicable charges. If the pledgor and the pawnbroker agree in writing that the pawned property may be stored off premises, following the request for redemption of the loan, the pawnbroker shall return the pledged property to the pledgor the next calendar day when both the pawnbroker’s store and the storage facility are open, not to exceed two business days.


If any pledged article is not redeemed during the loan period as provided herein, and the pledgor and pawnbroker do not mutually agree in writing to extend the loan period, the pawnbroker shall notify the pledgor within one month after expiration of the loan period. If the pawnbroker fails to notify the pledgor within one month after the expiration of the loan period, the pawnbroker shall not charge interest from the day after the expiration of the one-month period. The pawnbroker shall notify the pledgor at his or her last known mailing or electronic address of the termination of the loan period, by a means for which verification of mailing or, at the sole option of the pledgor, electronic transmission of the notification can be provided by the pawnbroker, and extending the right of redemption, during posted business hours, for a period of 10 days from date of mailing or electronic transmission of that notice. Electronic notice of the termination of the loan period shall be valid if the pledgor has previously responded to an electronic communication sent by the pawnbroker to the pledgor’s last known electronic address provided by the pledgor. Upon the initiation of each new or replacement loan, the pledgor shall affirm that the current electronic address on file with the pawnbroker is valid. The 10-day notice shall state, in substantially the same format as the following: “If the tenth day falls on a day when the pawnshop is closed, the time period is extended to the next day that the pawnshop is open.”


The posted schedule of charges required pursuant to Section 21200.5 shall contain a notice informing the pledgor that if he or she desires, the pawnbroker shall send the notice of termination of the loan period by registered or certified mail with return receipt requested, upon prepayment of the mailing costs.


If any pledged article is not redeemed within the 10-day notice period, the pawnbroker shall become vested with all right, title, and interest of the pledgor, or his or her assigns, to the pledged article, to hold and dispose of as his or her own property. Any other provision of law relating to the foreclosure and sale of pledges shall not be applicable to any pledge the title to which is transferred in accordance with this section. The pawnbroker shall not sell any article of pledged property until he or she has become vested with the title to that property pursuant to this section.


The sale of pledged property is a misdemeanor pursuant to Section 21209.
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