CA Fam Code Section 2062


The party requesting joinder shall serve all of the following upon the employee benefit plan:


A copy of the pleading on joinder.


A copy of the request for joinder and order of joinder.


A copy of the summons (joinder).


A blank copy of a notice of appearance in form and content approved by the Judicial Council.


Service shall be made in the same manner as service of papers generally. Service of the summons upon a trustee or administrator of the plan in its capacity as trustee or administrator, or upon an agent designated by the plan for service of process in its capacity as agent, constitutes service upon the plan.


To facilitate identification and service, the employee spouse shall furnish to the nonemployee spouse within 30 days after written request, as to each employee benefit plan covering the employee, the name of the plan, the name, title, address, and telephone number of the plan’s trustee, administrator, or agent for service of process. If necessary, the employee shall obtain the information from the plan or plan sponsor.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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