CA Fam Code Section 1815


A person employed as a supervising counselor of conciliation or as an associate counselor of conciliation shall have all of the following minimum qualifications:


A master’s degree in psychology, social work, marriage, family and child counseling, or other behavioral science substantially related to marriage and family interpersonal relationships.


At least two years of experience in counseling or psychotherapy, or both, preferably in a setting related to the areas of responsibility of the family conciliation court and with the ethnic population to be served.


Knowledge of the court system of California and the procedures used in family law cases.


Knowledge of other resources in the community that clients can be referred to for assistance.


Knowledge of adult psychopathology and the psychology of families.


Knowledge of child development, child abuse, clinical issues relating to children, the effects of divorce on children, the effects of domestic violence on children, and child custody research sufficient to enable a counselor to assess the mental health needs of children.


Training in domestic violence issues as described in Section 1816.


The family conciliation court may substitute additional experience for a portion of the education, or additional education for a portion of the experience, required under subdivision (a).


This section does not apply to any supervising counselor of conciliation who was in office on March 27, 1980.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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