CA Elec Code Section 7551

The state convention shall be composed of the following delegates:


Each officer named in Section 7550 who was nominated and elected as a candidate of the party and whose term of office extends beyond the first Monday in December in the case of legislators and the Monday after January 1 in the case of other officers next following the direct primary election, or the appointee or successor appointed, elected, or otherwise designated by law to fill a vacancy in the office of any such officer. These delegates are “holdover delegates.”


Each candidate of the party in whose behalf nomination papers were filed and who was nominated at the direct primary election by that party. These delegates are “nominee delegates.” Nominees for an office the term of which extends beyond two years are delegates to each succeeding state convention until that following the direct primary election at which nominations for the office are again to be made. If a candidate is a “nominee delegate” to the state convention held in the year in which he or she is nominated, and is elected to the office at the succeeding general election, he or she shall be considered a “holdover delegate” to the state convention of his or her party in the next odd-numbered year, if his or her party is required to hold the convention.


One delegate appointed for each of the officers named in Section 7550 not represented by a “holdover delegate” nor by a “nominee delegate” of the party. These delegates shall be chosen and appointed in the manner provided in this chapter for filing vacancies in the state convention and shall be known as “appointive delegates.”
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Aug. 19, 2023

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