CA Elec Code Section 7400.1


Notwithstanding Sections 7400 and 7401, in the County of Sacramento, the county central committee shall be elected by supervisor districts, and the number to be elected from any supervisor district shall be determined as follows: There shall be taken the number of votes cast in the supervisor district at the last gubernatorial election for that party’s candidate for Governor, or, if the party did not have a candidate for Governor, for the candidate of the party voted on throughout the state who received the greatest number of votes and who was the candidate of that party alone. This number shall be divided by one-thirtieth of the number of votes cast in Sacramento County for Governor or, where the party did not have a candidate for Governor, for the candidate mentioned above. The integer next larger than the quotient obtained by that division shall constitute the number of members of the committee to be elected by that party in that supervisor district.


The Sacramento County Central Committee shall be composed of not less than 31 members. If the procedure outlined above would result in less than 31 members being elected for any committee, the number of votes cast for this party’s candidate in each supervisor district shall be divided by an amount sufficiently smaller than one-thirtieth of the votes cast for Governor in Sacramento County as to give a membership on the committee equal to or the nearest amount that is greater than 31 members.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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