CA Elec Code Section 20201

It is unlawful for any person that includes in any part of its name the name of any political party that was qualified to participate in the last preceding primary election, to directly or indirectly solicit funds for any purpose whatsoever upon the representation either express or implied that the funds are being solicited for the use of that political party unless that person shall have previously obtained the written consent of one of the following: a member of the national committee from California or the majority of the members of the national committee if there are more than two national committee members from California, chairman of the state central committee, executive committee of the state central committee, or executive committee of the county central committee of the party whose name is being used in the county in which the solicitation is to be made. If the county central committee of the party in that county does not have an executive committee, the written consent of the chairman and secretary of that county central committee is sufficient.
All persons soliciting funds in accordance with this section shall be furnished with adequate credentials bearing the name of the solicitor and a copy of the written consent that bears the signature of the person authorizing the solicitation.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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