CA Elec Code Section 12110

In case of a municipal election to fill offices, the city elections official shall not later than one week before the election publish a list of the names of the nominees, in the order in which they appear on the ballot, and the respective offices for which they have been nominated. Publication shall be in the city in a newspaper of general circulation. If there is no newspaper of general circulation published and circulated in the city, the notice shall be typewritten and copies shall be posted conspicuously within the time prescribed in at least three public places in the city. This list shall be headed, “Nominees for Public Office,” in conspicuous type, and shall be substantially in the following form: Notice is hereby given that the following persons have been nominated for the offices mentioned below to be filled at the general municipal election to be held in the ____ of ____on ____ the ____ day of ____, 20__. (Here follow with the list of nominees.) Dated, ____ City Elections Official
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Aug. 19, 2023

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