CA Elec Code Section 10525


At least 35 days prior to the date fixed for the landowner district election, the secretary of a landowner district for which an election has not been canceled pursuant to Section 10515, shall deliver to the county elections official of each affected county a list of voters qualified under the principal act of that district to vote in that county at the next landowner district election. For this purpose, the secretary of a landowner voting district shall be entitled to obtain from any office of an affected county all information necessary to prepare the list.


The list delivered pursuant to subdivision (a) shall contain the name of each voter qualified under the principal act of the landowner voting district to vote at the next landowner district election, the residence of each voter, the division, if any, of the district in which each voter is entitled to vote, and the manner in which the votes are to be distributed.


The secretary of the landowner district shall sign his or her name and affix the seal of the district at the bottom of the last page of the list. One copy of this list shall be conspicuously posted in the office of the district in a place to which the public generally has access. If the office is located in a private home, the list shall be posted in some public building.


The governing board may, by resolution, determine that the duties of the secretary set forth in this section would best be performed by the county elections official, in which case the county elections official shall thereafter assume these duties.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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