CA Educ Code Section 99159


Whenever a test agency is presented with information which renders the test subject’s test score suspect, whether that information is in the form of allegations of collusion or cheating, or irregular test administration, or irregular statistical data, or any other form, the test agency is responsible for reviewing the information and determining if withholding the test subject’s score is warranted.


If the test agency determines that withholding the test subject’s score is warranted, the test agency shall give the test subject written notice of the test agency’s decision. The notice shall be sent by registered mail not later than five working days after the test agency’s decision.


The notice to the test subject shall include all of the following:


A complete summary of the information submitted to the test agency and relied upon by the test agency to withhold the score.


A complete summary of the pertinent facts surrounding the investigation.


A statement of the test subject’s right to receive, upon request, details supporting complete summaries referred to in paragraphs (1) and (2).


The policies and procedures that were followed by the test agency in reviewing and rendering a decision to withhold the test score.


The potential consequences which may result from the investigation, such as withholding or invalidating the test scores.


A summary of the information that may be submitted to the test agency by the test subject to support the authenticity of the test score.


A statement informing the test subject that the opportunity to respond to the notice will be afforded for not more than 15 working days following the date the notice was delivered. No final decision on the question of suspected irregularity or inauthenticity shall be rendered by the test agency until the test subject under investigation has responded, or the time for doing so has expired, whichever occurs first.


After the time period specified in paragraph (7) of subdivision (c) has expired, the test agency shall review all of the evidence and shall render a decision regarding the authenticity of the score.
No test agency shall cancel or invalidate a test subject’s test scores on the basis of an alleged irregularity or inauthenticity unless, after all evidence has been considered by the test agency, substantial evidence resulting from an investigation conducted pursuant to this section supports the cancellation or invalidation.
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