CA Educ Code Section 94935


Bureau staff who, during an inspection of an institution, detect a violation of this chapter, or regulations adopted pursuant to this chapter, that is a minor violation as determined by the bureau, pursuant to regulations adopted by January 1, 2011, shall issue a notice to comply before leaving the institution. The bureau shall establish a voluntary informal appeal process, by regulation, within one year of the enactment of this chapter.


An institution that receives a notice to comply shall have no more than 30 days from the date of inspection to remedy the noncompliance.


Upon achieving compliance, the institution shall sign and return the notice to comply to the bureau.


A single notice to comply shall be issued listing separately all the minor violations cited during the inspection.


A notice to comply shall not be issued for any minor violation that is corrected immediately in the presence of the bureau staff. Immediate compliance may be noted in the inspection report, but the institution shall not be subject to any further action by the bureau.


A notice to comply shall be the only means the bureau shall use to cite a minor violation discovered during an inspection. The bureau shall not take any other enforcement action specified in this chapter against an institution that has received a notice to comply if the institution remedies the violation within 30 days from the date of the inspection.


If an institution that receives a notice to comply pursuant to subdivision (a) disagrees with one or more of the alleged minor violations listed in the notice to comply, an institution shall send the bureau a written notice of disagreement. The agency may take administrative enforcement action to seek compliance with the requirements of the notice to comply.


If an institution fails to comply with a notice to comply within the prescribed time, the bureau shall take appropriate administrative enforcement action.
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