CA Educ Code Section 94905


During the enrollment process, an institution offering educational programs designed to lead to positions in a profession, occupation, trade, or career field requiring licensure in this state shall exercise reasonable care to determine if the student will not be eligible to obtain licensure in the profession, occupation, trade, or career field at the time of the student’s graduation and shall provide all students enrolled in those programs with a written copy of the requirements for licensure established by the state, including any applicable course requirements established by the state. If the minimum course requirements of the institution exceed the minimum requirements for state licensure, the institution shall disclose this information, including a list of those courses that are not required for state licensure. The institution shall not execute an enrollment agreement with a student that is known to be ineligible for licensure, unless the student’s stated objective is other than licensure.


During the enrollment process, an institution may discuss internships and student jobs available to the student during the student’s attendance at the institution. If the institution discusses internships and student jobs, the institution shall disclose the number of requests for internship and student job placement assistance received by the institution during the immediately preceding calendar year and the number of actual placements during that year.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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