CA Educ Code Section 94899.5


Institutions that offer short-term programs designed to be completed in one term or four months, whichever is less, may require payment of all tuition and fees on the first day of instruction.


For those programs designed to be four months or longer, an institution shall not require more than one term or four months of advance payment of tuition at a time. When 50 percent of the program has been offered, the institution may require full payment.


The limitations in this section shall not apply to any funds received by an institution through federal and state student financial aid grant and loan programs, or through any other federal or state programs.


An institution that provides private institutional loan funding to a student shall ensure that the student is not obligated for indebtedness that exceeds the total charges for the current period of attendance.


At the student’s option, an institution may accept payment in full for tuition and fees, including any funds received through institutional loans, after the student has been accepted and enrolled and the date of the first class session is disclosed on the enrollment agreement.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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