CA Educ Code Section 92625.3


A service contractor shall enter into and comply with a cardcheck agreement, as defined in Section 92625.1, with any labor organization that requests the agreement for the purpose of seeking to represent the service contractor’s employees performing services covered by the service contract. If a service contractor enters into a cardcheck agreement with a labor organization, it shall offer that same agreement to any other labor organization seeking to represent the service contractor’s employees. Any labor organization that was not a party to the initial cardcheck agreement may, in its discretion, reject the terms negotiated by the first union, and negotiate for a different cardcheck agreement. In the event that a labor organization and the service contractor are unable to negotiate an agreement within the 30-day period, this section shall apply.


The university shall include in any service contract a provision requiring any service contractor to abide by the requirements imposed under subdivision (a) as essential consideration for the university entering into the service contract.


All requests for proposals or invitations to bid or similar documents regarding service contracts shall include a summary description of, and reference to, the policy and requirements of this article. Failure to include the description or reference to this article in a document may not exempt any service contractor otherwise subject to the requirements of this article.


This article may not apply to any service contractor signatory to a valid and binding collective bargaining agreement covering the terms and conditions of employment for its employees performing services subject to the service contract, which includes a no-strike provision, and which extends at least through the term of the service contract.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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