CA Educ Code Section 89252

California State University Educational Opportunity Program grants may be awarded to persons selected for enrollment in programs authorized by the trustees according to the procedures established by the trustees. A person selected for a grant shall be a resident of this state, shall be a high school graduate or have, pursuant to the procedures, equivalent qualifications, and shall have been nominated by his or her high school or community college, the Veterans Administration, a state agency or educational agency designated by the trustees, or a state university president. The trustees shall determine eligibility for grants awarded pursuant to this article. The grants may be granted and renewed according to standards set by the trustees until the student has received a baccalaureate degree or has completed five academic years, whichever occurs first. In special circumstances, as in the case of illness, military service, or family hardship, the trustees may renew the grant beyond the fifth year of study, provided the student has not received a baccalaureate degree. When the recipient is an enrollee in a special educational opportunity program approved by the trustees, for the purposes of this article, the state university sponsoring the program shall receive from the trustees reimbursement of up to sixty dollars ($60) per month per enrollee up to 12 months’ support.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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