CA Educ Code Section 8805

The Legislature finds that an evaluation of plan effectiveness is both desirable and necessary, and accordingly requires the following:


No later than January 1 of the year following a full year of operation, each local educational agency or consortium that receives an operational grant under this chapter shall submit a report to the superintendent that includes:


An assessment of the effectiveness of that local educational agency or consortium in achieving stated goals in the planning and/or operational phase.


Problems encountered in the design and operation of the Healthy Start Support Services for Children Grant Program plan, including identification of any federal, state, or local statute or regulation that will impede program implementation.


Recommendations for ways to improve delivery of support services to pupils.


The number of pupils who will receive support services who previously have not been served.


The potential impact of the program on the local educational agency or the consortium, including any anticipated increase in school retention and achievement rates of pupils who receive support services.


An accounting of anticipated local budget savings, if any, resulting from the implementation of the program.


Client and practitioner satisfaction.


The ability, or anticipated ability, to continue to provide services in the absence of future funding under this chapter, by allocating resources in ways that are different from existing methods.


Increased access to services for pupils and their families.


The degree of increased collaboration among participating agencies and private partners.


If the local educational agency or consortium received certification as a Medi-Cal provider, the extent to which the certification improved access to needed services.


Additional annual evaluations may be required as designated by the superintendent.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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