CA Educ Code Section 81601

The governing board of a community college district shall furnish, repair, insure against fire, and in its discretion rent the school property of its districts. The governing board may also insure the property against other perils. The insurance shall be written in any admitted insurer, or in any nonadmitted insurer to the extent and subject to the conditions prescribed in Section 1763 of the Insurance Code. Insurance on property of a district may be, in the discretion of the governing board, of the deductible type of coverage. By deductible type of coverage is meant a form of insurance under which the insurance becomes operative when the loss and damage exceeds an amount stipulated in the policy or policies. The governing board, in their notice of bid for district construction, may indicate that it may elect to assume the cost of fire insurance by adding the coverage to the district’s existing policy and in such event bids made on such construction shall be made in the alternative, with and without the fire insurance coverage included, and the governing board shall make its election as to who shall secure and pay for such insurance at the time of accepting the bid. The deductible amount of fire insurance for any community college district may exceed one thousand dollars ($1,000) for each occurrence.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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