CA Educ Code Section 79204


In addition to the funding received pursuant to Section 79202, and to the extent that funding is provided in the annual Budget Act, a community college district shall receive funding for purposes of providing special services for CalWORKs recipients.


Special services for CalWORKs recipients shall assist CalWORKs recipient students and those students transitioning off of CalWORKs in achieving long-term self-sufficiency through coordinated student services offered at a community college. Special services may include any of the services funded in accordance with subdivision (e).


Services funded pursuant to this section shall be provided only to the following:


Current CalWORKs recipients until their initial educational objectives are met.


Former CalWORKs recipients for a period of not more than two years, subject to the conditions of Section 79208.


Funds received for purposes of this section shall be used to supplement, and not supplant, existing funds and services provided for CalWORKs recipients attending a community college.


The chancellor shall develop an equitable method for allocating these funds to all community college districts based on the relative number of CalWORKs recipients in attendance in each district and shall allocate funds for the following purposes:


Job placement.


Coordination with county welfare offices and other local agencies, including, but not limited to, local workforce investment boards.


Child care and workstudy.




Postemployment skills training and related skills training.


Campus-based case management, limited to on-campus assistance and services not provided by county caseworkers that do not supplant other counseling and academic support services funded through existing California Community Colleges categorical programs.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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