CA Educ Code Section 72672


A certified public accountant shall be selected by each auxiliary organization described in Section 72670. Upon being notified of the certified public accountant selected by an auxiliary organization, the district shall forward the applicable auditing and reporting procedures to the selected certified public accountant. In accordance with procedures prescribed by the Board of Governors of the California Community Colleges, such certified public accountant shall annually audit any and all community college auxiliary funds. The auxiliary organizations shall contract for and receive such audit annually, and shall submit such audit to the district governing board and to the board of governors. Auxiliary organizations shall annually publish an audited statement of their financial condition which shall be disseminated as widely as feasible and be available to any person on request. When an auxiliary organization primarily serves a single community college of the district, publication in the campus student newspaper shall be deemed compliance with this requirement. When an auxiliary organization serves the district governing board, distribution of the published audited statement of its financial condition at a regularly scheduled meeting of the district governing board shall be deemed compliance with this requirement.


When an auxiliary organization primarily serves a single community college of the district, the president of that community college, and when an auxiliary organization primarily serves a district, the superintendent of the district, shall be responsible for ascertaining that all expenditures are in accordance with policies of the district governing board, the propriety of all expenditures, and the integrity of the financial reporting made by auxiliary organization.


The purposes and operations of an auxiliary organization shall be conducted in conformity with general regulations established by the board of governors and with implementing regulations which shall be established by each district governing board prior to the establishment of an auxiliary organization. The implementing regulations established by a district shall be submitted to, and approved by, the chancellor’s office prior to the recognition of an auxiliary organization by that district. At such time as a district may recognize an auxiliary organization, it shall submit a copy of the articles of incorporation, bylaws, or other governing instruments of the auxiliary organization to the chancellor’s office. The accounting procedures of such auxiliary organizations shall be comparable to those that govern the auxiliary organizations established under Chapter 7 (commencing with Section 89900) of Part 55. The regulations shall include provisions requiring the governing board of each auxiliary organization to provide salaries, working conditions and benefits for the full-time employees of each auxiliary organization which are comparable to those provided district employees performing similar services; provided, however, that the regulations may permit retirement benefits, or permanent status benefits, or both, to be withheld from temporary and executive employees of each auxiliary organization. For the purposes of this subdivision, a “temporary employee” is (1) an employee employed for a research project, workshop, institute, or other special project funded by any grant, contract, or gift; or (2) an employee whose contract of employment is for a fixed term not exceeding three years. For the purposes of this subdivision, an “executive employee” is any management employee with responsibility for the development and execution of auxiliary organization policy and includes, but is not limited to, general managers, business managers, directors, and similar positions. For those full-time employees whose duties are not comparable to classes in the district, the salaries established shall be at least equal to the salaries prevailing in other educational institutions in the area or commercial operations of like nature.


Retirement benefits may be provided by other than the Public Employees’ Retirement System. A contract for participation in the Public Employees’ Retirement System in accordance with the terms and conditions of the public employees’ retirement law shall be deemed to satisfy fully the requirements of subdivision (c) with respect to retirement. Notwithstanding subdivision (c), the regulations established by the district governing board may exempt the board of directors of any newly created auxiliary organization from the requirement of providing retirement benefits for a period not to exceed three years from the date that the auxiliary organization is established.
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