CA Educ Code Section 69983

The Scholarshare trust may enter into participation agreements with participants on behalf of beneficiaries pursuant to the following terms and agreements:


The board may specify a required minimum length of time before distributions for higher education expenses may be made, and may impose a penalty on the early distribution of funds if deemed by the board to be necessary.


Beneficiaries designated in participation agreements may be designated from date of birth.


Participants shall be informed that the execution of a participation agreement by the Scholarshare trust shall not guarantee in any way that higher education expenses will be equal to projections and estimates provided by the Scholarshare trust or that the beneficiary named in any participation agreement will do any of the following:


Be admitted to an institution of higher education.


If admitted, be determined a resident for tuition purposes by the institution of higher education.


Be allowed to continue attendance at the institution of higher education following admission.


Graduate from the institution of higher education.


Have sufficient savings to cover fully all qualified education expenses of attending an institution of higher education.


Beneficiaries may be changed as permitted by the regulations of the board upon request of the participant, provided that the substitute beneficiary is eligible.


Participation agreements shall be freely amended throughout their terms in order to enable participants to change the designation of beneficiaries and carry out similar matters.


Each participation agreement shall provide that the participation agreement may be canceled upon the terms and conditions set forth and contained in the regulations adopted by the board.


All contributions to Scholarshare accounts shall be in cash.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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