CA Educ Code Section 69958


Potential work-study positions may be located by the institution or by eligible students in cooperation with the institution. Each position located shall be critically reviewed by the appropriate student financial aid and experiential education personnel to determine whether it satisfies all the conditions specified in Section 69960. To assist the institution in assessing the position, the employer shall submit a written statement to the institution that provides all of the following information:


The total number of positions available.


A job description of each available position, including the suggested rate of pay.


The skills required of the prospective work-study employee.


The educational benefits provided by the position.


Once the institution has approved the work-study position, the employer and the institution, acting as the authorized agent of the Student Aid Commission, shall execute a written agreement that confirms the employer’s eligibility to participate in the program and its willingness to comply with all program requirements, and specifies the responsibilities of each of the parties. The agreement shall be subject to annual renewal by mutual agreement of the institution and the employer.


Following execution of the agreement pursuant to subdivision (b), the employer may interview prospective work-study employees. The institution shall provide the employer and each applicant for the work-study position with adequate information to facilitate a proper placement. Provided that the priorities specified in Section 69959 have been met, the employer may indicate his or her hiring preferences. An employer shall not discriminate between applicants on any basis listed in subdivision (a) of Section 12940 of the Government Code, as those bases are defined in Sections 12926 and 12926.1 of the Government Code, except as otherwise provided in Section 12940 of the Government Code, or subject any applicant to any other discriminatory practices prohibited by state or federal law.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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