CA Educ Code Section 69648

By January 1, 1986, the board shall adopt rules and regulations necessary to implement this article, including rules and regulations which do all of the following:


Prescribe the procedure by which a district shall identify a student eligible for extended opportunity programs or services on the basis of the student’s language, social, or economic disadvantages.


Establish minimum standards for the establishment and conduct of extended opportunity programs and services. The standards may include, but shall not be limited to, guidelines for all of the following:


The provision of staffing and program management.


The establishment of a documentation and data collection system.


The establishment of an EOPS advisory committee.


The provision of recruitment and outreach services.


The provision of cognitive and noncognitive assessment, advising, and orientation services.


The provision of college registration.


The provision of basic skills instruction, seminars, and tutorial assistance.


The provision of counseling and retention services.


The provision of transfer services.


The provision of direct aid.


The establishment of objectives to achieve the goals specified in Section 69640, and objectives to be applied in implementing extended opportunity programs and services.


Subject to approval of the chancellor, establish procedures for the review and evaluation of the districts’ extended opportunity programs and services.


Require the submission of the reports by districts that will permit the evaluation of the program and services offered.
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