California Education Code

Sec. § 58404

In selecting a school district to undertake an individualized instruction program pursuant to this chapter, the board shall use the following criteria:


The school district shall be a large urban unified district, which has an average daily attendance of not less than 30,000 for the school year 1967–1968, and which has an agreement with a community college to articulate their curricula.


The high school and network of junior high and elementary schools shall be representative of the range of socioeconomic-educational problems faced by urban schools.


The local board of education and administrators of the school district and the administrators and teachers of the schools to be involved shall be strongly committed to the goals of the individualized instruction program.


The individualized instruction program shall be carried out with maximum participation of the teachers and administrators of the individual schools and with substantial flexibility for each school to establish its own program within the framework of general goals and requirements for the overall program within the school district.


The school district shall have a plan for community involvement with the program, including students, parents, and representatives of business, industry, organized labor, community and civic organizations, and the general public.


The cost experience of the individualized instruction program and the instructional technology used in the school district shall be readily transferable to other schools in the state.


The schools selected by the district to participate in the program shall receive entitlement equivalent to the total amount of resources from state, local and federal funds which would otherwise be provided the schools under the district’s current budgeting procedures.


The instructional program shall include the full integration of vocational education with the regular curriculum and shall acquaint students in all grades with career alternatives and the relevancy of the school curricula to achieving career objectives.


The school district shall have a written statement adopted by the local board of education setting forth the goals, and to the extent feasible, the measurable objectives of education in the district.

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