CA Educ Code Section 54444.1


In implementing the state master plan for services to migrant children, the Superintendent shall establish the service regional system as the primary method for the delivery of services to migrant children. The Superintendent shall review and approve plans for the establishment of service regions and shall incorporate the following criteria in the approval of regional plans:


The boundaries of regions shall include all geographic areas with migrant and seasonal agricultural workers and fishermen.


Regional service centers shall be located in areas with high concentrations of migrant and seasonal agricultural workers and fishermen. Regional headquarters shall be located as follows:


In areas requiring large numbers of these workers for a period of at least two consecutive months during each year.


In areas that normally contract for migrant and seasonal agricultural workers with families rather than single adults.


In areas where migrant and seasonal agricultural workers are involved in the transition from hand labor to mechanization.


Regions shall be located in each geographic area of the state, except areas within the boundaries of directly funded districts.


Except areas within the boundaries of directly funded districts, regions shall be contiguous to one another and should have no less than 1,500 migratory children. In no event shall a county be split among two separate regions in order to meet the requirements of this paragraph.


Regions shall be organized so as to provide quality services to all affected parties and maintain fiscal procedures in conformity with requirements adopted by the department.


The boundaries of regions shall be drawn in a manner that avoids excessive commuting by personnel or by participants in the programs, not to exceed 100 miles from the schoolsite to the operating agency.


If a proposed region cannot meet the criteria established in paragraph (4) or (6), it may request that the criteria be waived by the state board. The waiver request shall be based upon a study, conducted by the entities, including their respective parent advisory councils, comprising the proposed region, that explains why the waiver is required and that describes likely outcomes if the waiver is not granted.


An agency meeting the criteria set forth in this subdivision and subdivision (f) of Section 54441 may apply to the department for designation as a region. The application shall be in a format with sufficient information and at times designated by the Superintendent. The application shall include documentation of active participation, review and comment by the appropriate parent advisory councils, and signatures by parent advisory council chairpersons that the review and comment has taken place, and shall further include documentation that the agencies and parent representative comprising the proposed region have met as a group prior to submission of the application and have agreed upon the formation of, and participation in, the region and a general delineation of the services which will be provided in the region.
Directly funded districts shall be invited by the regions to participate in regional activities and meetings. Staff and parent advisory council members in the districts shall also be invited to regional inservice activities and conferences.


The department may directly fund local educational agencies, in whole or in part, to provide services to eligible migrant children if it is cost effective to do so; if the applicant agency serves not less than 1,500, nor more than 8,000, currently migratory children; has sufficient programmatic and fiscal resources to deliver an effective migrant education program; is in compliance with the federal and state requirements regarding migrant education programs; maintains an ongoing and functional parent advisory council that has voted on a biennial basis to approve the participation in the directly funded program, including the approval of a majority of the members who are the parents of migrant children; and maintains fiscal procedures in conformity with the requirements adopted by the department. All districts that are directly funded on January 1, 1982, may continue to be funded directly, provided that the districts comply with the criteria prescribed by this subdivision, except for the size criterion.


The responsibilities of the various parties involved in the delivery of services to migrant children shall be set forth in a service agreement. A service agreement shall be a legally binding contract signed by the duly constituted authorities at the state, county, district, or private or public nonprofit agencies, or a combination thereof. In the regional delivery system, there shall be two parties to every service agreement; the region and the district or other operating agencies in which the eligible migrant pupils are enrolled. When a district or agency is funded directly by the state, the parties to the service agreement shall include the department and the district or operating agency in which the eligible migrant pupils are enrolled. The basic responsibilities of these three parties shall be as specified in Section 54444.4.
The parties, whether regional or directly funded, shall take the necessary steps to ensure the effective involvement of the migrant parent advisory committee for that district or agency. Representatives of the migrant parent advisory committee shall have the right to be present and participate in all deliberations between the parties regarding the service agreement or any subsequent changes thereto. The service agreement shall include a signed statement from the officers of the migrant parent advisory committee signifying that the participation has occurred.


The Superintendent shall develop an annual operating calendar for regions and directly funded districts, including dates for the submission and approval of applications and service agreements. Any changes in regional boundaries for the subsequent fiscal year shall be made and approved by December 31 of the current year. Any changes in funding allocations for regions shall be made by December 31 of the current year or immediately after notification of a federal grant award.


The Superintendent shall preserve the supplemental nature of the migrant education program. The program shall be maintained outside the supervision or above the administrative level of the consolidated application programs. The Superintendent shall not incorporate the migrant education program into the consolidated application process, except as provided below:


Directly funded districts may apply for migrant education funds as part of their consolidated application provided the district parent advisory council on migrant education approves the inclusion.


A copy of the district’s annual application for migrant education funds as required by subdivision (h) of Section 54443.1 shall be attached to the district’s annual consolidated application.
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