CA Educ Code Section 54442

The state board shall adopt a state master plan for services to migrant children. The plan shall include all of the following:


Instructional activities on a regular and extended year basis. These activities shall be designed to identify, assess, and provide treatment for academic deficiencies of migrant children. Special emphasis shall be given to oral and written communications, reading, and mathematics. Small group or individual instruction and tutorial services shall be provided to assist migrant children to attain normal progress rates in all subject areas. All instructional services shall be provided as supplements to regular programs of instruction provided by the public schools for all children.


Health and welfare services. These services shall be designed to identify, assess, and provide treatment for conditions that interfere with the education and learning of migrant children, including dental, emotional, or environmental conditions. To the extent possible, existing community resources will be utilized to provide these services.


Preservice and in-service education of professional and nonprofessional personnel. This education shall be planned to prepare school administrators, teachers, aides, and other personnel to meet the special needs of migrant children.


Supportive services including transportation, family liaison, and other services necessary to the success of the programs.


Child development activities including, but not limited to, social, sensorimotor, conceptual and language development, and perceptual discrimination activities for migrant infants and prekindergarten children who are too young to participate in instructional services normally provided by the public schools.


The active involvement of parents, teachers, and community representatives in the local implementation of migrant education programs.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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