CA Educ Code Section 53086


There is in the department the California Career Resource Network Program, formerly called the California Occupational Information Coordinating Committee. This program is established for the purposes of Section 2328 of Title 20 of the United States Code, for the purposes of this article, and for other purposes authorized by the Legislature.


The mission of the program is to provide all persons in California with career development information and resources to enable them to reach their career goals.


The primary duty of the program is to distribute career information, resources, and training materials to middle school and high school counselors, educators, and administrators, in order to ensure that middle schools and high schools have the necessary information available to provide a pupil with guidance and instruction on education and job requirements necessary for career development.


Information and resources distributed by the program shall provide all of the following:


Encouragement to completing a secondary education.


Career exploration tools, provided in written and multimedia format, that offer an introduction to the nature of career planning, self-assessment, methods of investigating the work world, methods of identifying and meeting education and training needs, and methods of creating a career action plan.


Relevant information on the labor market and career opportunities.


Assistance to a pupil in the acquisition and development of career competencies including the appropriate skills, attitudes, and knowledge to allow a pupil to successfully manage his or her career.


(1)There is hereby established the State Agency Partners Committee composed of the following members or their designees:


The Director of Employment Development.


The Superintendent of Public Instruction.


The Chancellor of the California Community Colleges.


The Director of Rehabilitation.


The Director of Social Services.


The Executive Director of the California Workforce Investment Board.


The Director of the Division of Adult Institutions in the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.


The Director of the Division of Juvenile Justice in the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.


The Director of Developmental Services.


The State Agency Partners Committee shall coordinate the use of network information and resources in programs that are implemented by the entities that the members of the committee represent.


The program shall perform its duties only upon funding provided in the annual Budget Act.
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