CA Educ Code Section 53076

For purposes of administering the program established by this chapter, the Superintendent may do any of the following:


Determine, in collaboration with the executive director of the state board, specific funding amounts and the number of grants to be awarded.


Distribute funding on a multiyear schedule, establish a process for monitoring the use of the funding, and, if necessary, cease distribution of funding and recover previously distributed funding in the case of a recipient’s failure to comply with a grant prerequisite or minimum standard.


Annually review grant recipients’ expenditures on career technical education programs for purposes of determining if the grant recipients have met the dollar-for-dollar match requirement specified in subdivision (a) of Section 53071. If after review, the Superintendent determines that a grant recipient failed to meet the matching funds requirement, the Superintendent shall reduce the following year’s grant allocation in an amount equal to the unmet portion of the match requirement. The reduction shall not reduce the grant recipient’s match requirement for the year in which the Superintendent reduces the allocation.


Require grant recipients to submit program reports.


Set aside up to 1 percent of the total amount provided for the program for one or both of the following purposes:


To provide planning grants.


To contract with a local educational agency for the provision of technical assistance to applicants and grant recipients.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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