CA Educ Code Section 53015

For purposes of administering the California Career Pathways Trust, the Superintendent may do any of the following:


Establish a structure for awarding grants on a regional or local basis as defined by the Superintendent.


Determine specific funding amount categories and the number of grants to be awarded in each category.


Distribute funding on a multiyear schedule, and establish a process for monitoring the use of the funding, and, if necessary, cease distribution of funding and recover previously distributed funding in the case of a recipient’s failure to comply with a grant award condition.


Require grant recipients to submit program reports pursuant to a schedule determined by the Superintendent.


Set aside up to 1 percent of the total amount provided for in the trust for one or both of the following purposes:


To provide planning grants.


To contract with a local educational agency for the provision of technical assistance to applicants and grant recipients.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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