CA Educ Code Section 52958

The project shall establish criteria for approval of science projects. These criteria shall include, but not be limited to, the extent to which:


The science project addresses the need to integrate existing standards of science competence in the curriculum at each school level.


The science project establishes clear and informed approaches to the needs of women and minorities for continuing with those science courses required to enhance future career options.


The science project is designed to expand the base of scientific knowledge and the repertoire of teaching techniques of participating teachers and their colleagues in science teaching, and the scientific knowledge of students attending the classes they attend.


Neighboring institutions have worked collaboratively to develop a proposal which clearly indicates their intention to continue to work cooperatively through the duration of the project.


Participating districts, colleges, universities, businesses, federal laboratories, and individual scientists intend to provide financial and personnel support for the science project.


Selection of participating teachers will create school-based or district-based teams of leaders for improvement of science education at all grade levels.


Participating districts, colleges, universities, and businesses intend to use the expertise of participating teachers for leadership among their teaching colleagues.


The science project provides continuing science education to teachers in the public schools.


Scientists in both the public and private sector are recruited to enhance the science project by providing facilities or personnel support.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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