CA Educ Code Section 52295.45

The grant application and criteria for scoring grants shall address all of the following:


Implementation and support of a comprehensive system based on research that effectively uses technology to improve pupil academic achievement in a manner consistent with other school district and school efforts to improve pupil academic achievement.


The acquisition, development, interconnection, implementation, improvement, and maintenance of an effective educational technology infrastructure in a manner that expands access to technology for pupils, particularly for disadvantaged pupils, and teachers.


The ongoing professional development of teachers, principals, and administrators by providing ongoing access to training and support, as well as updated research in teaching and learning through electronic means.


The utilization of electronic networks and other innovative methods, including, but not limited to, distance learning, to deliver specialized or rigorous academic courses and curricula for pupils in areas that would not otherwise have access to those courses and curricula, particularly in geographically isolated regions.


The rigorous evaluation of grant activities, particularly regarding the impact of the program on pupil academic achievement. This evaluation process shall include a process and accountability measures that will be used to evaluate the extent to which activities funded under a grant are effective in all of the following areas:


Integrating technology into teaching and learning.


Increasing the ability of teachers to teach.


Assisting pupils in meeting state academic content standards.


The use of technology to extend learning beyond the traditional schoolday.


The use of technology to promote parent and family involvement in education and communication among pupils, parents, teachers, and administrators.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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