CA Educ Code Section 52170


Each school which has enrolled one or more pupils of limited English proficiency shall prepare a plan to meet the needs of pupils of limited English proficiency in attendance in the school.


Only those schools with 10 or more pupils with the same primary language in a grade level or 20 or more such pupils in the school and which receive consolidated application funding shall submit such plans to the superintendent.


Schools with less than 10 pupils of limited English proficiency receiving consolidated application funding as well as schools with 10 or more pupils of limited English proficiency not receiving such funding shall develop and retain their plan to meet such pupils’ needs. Such plan shall be available to the superintendent and the public upon request.


Schools required to submit plans shall prepare an application on forms provided by the Department of Education. Such application shall meet the applicable criteria of the consolidated application regulations and shall include, in addition, all of the following components:


Teacher and aide preservice training which will identify and improve knowledge levels of each teacher and aide in teaching methodology, bilingual-crosscultural philosophy, and education.


An in-service training program for teachers and aides that is linked with an institution of higher education, to the maximum extent feasible, which shall include the establishment of a liaison with a nearby institution of higher education and the solicitation of help from such institution in order to upgrade continually the bilingual-crosscultural education program.


An assurance that all bilingual-crosscultural aides are provided the opportunity to enroll in a career ladder program leading toward a single- or multiple-subject teaching credential and a certificate of competence in bilingual-crosscultural education.


The district’s application to the Department of Education shall include all of the individual school applications.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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