CA Educ Code Section 51778


The Superintendent of Public Instruction shall establish a Work Experience Education Consortia Steering Committee comprised of certificated representatives of consortia of school districts established under this article. The steering committee, in consultation with the superintendent, utilizing applicable program standards and regulations regarding work experience education programs shall develop all of the following materials:


Program quality indicators.


Training materials.


Guide books.


Program review reports.


The Work Experience Education Consortia Steering Committee shall contract with appropriate personnel to conduct in-service training programs for work experience education teachers and coordinators who will be conducting schoolsite reviews of work experience education programs. The training shall include, but is not necessarily limited to, all of the following:


A program quality review instrument.


The compliance review instrument developed by the department.


Reporting and review materials.


Program review methodologies.


The preparation of summary reports.
Only persons who have been certified by the steering committee as having completed the training program shall be eligible to conduct work experience education program quality reviews.


Utilizing the compliance review instrument described in paragraph (2) of subdivision (b), the advisory committee shall recommend a followup review for schools that have not met a prescribed number of the work experience education compliance criteria. The followup review required by this subdivision shall be conducted within one year of the initial review.
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