CA Educ Code Section 49533

A Child Nutrition Advisory Council composed of 13 members, shall be appointed by January 1, 1975, to recommend plans and guidelines for school and child care meal service and nutrition education programs. The members of the council shall be appointed by the State Board of Education and shall include one member of the State Department of Education, one school administrator, one school board member, one school food service director, one school food service supervisor or manager, one classroom teacher, one curriculum coordinator, one nutrition education specialist, one lay person, one child care food program sponsor, one secondary high school student, one representative from a recognized parent-teacher organization, and a qualified consultant specializing in nutrition, education, child care, or health and welfare.
The members shall serve for a term of three years, except the student representative, who shall serve a one year term. Council members shall serve without pay but shall be reimbursed for authorized travel costs according to established State Department of Education procedures.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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