CA Educ Code Section 48936

In addition to deposit or investment pursuant to Section 48933, the funds of a student body organization may be loaned or invested in any of the following ways:


Loans, with or without interest, to any student body organization established in another school of the district for a period not to exceed three years.


Invest money in permanent improvements to any school district property including, but not limited to, buildings, automobile parking facilities, gymnasiums, swimming pools, stadia and playing fields, where such facilities, or portions thereof, are used for conducting student extracurricular activities or student spectator sports, or when such improvements are for the benefit of the student body. Such investment shall be made on condition that the principal amount of the investment plus a reasonable amount of interest thereon shall be returned to the student body organization as provided herein. Any school district approving such an investment shall establish a special fund in which moneys derived from the rental of school district property to student body organizations shall be deposited. Moneys shall be returned to the student body organization as contemplated by this section exclusively from such special fund and only to the extent that there are moneys in such special fund. Whenever there are no outstanding obligations against the special fund, all moneys therein may be transferred to the general fund of the school district by action of the local governing board.
Two or more student body organizations of the same school district may join together in making such investments in the same manner as is authorized herein for a single student body. Nothing herein shall be construed so as to limit the discretion of the local governing board in charging rental for use of school district property by student body organizations as provided in Section 48930.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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