CA Educ Code Section 42821

The governing board of any school district that has established a revolving cash fund pursuant to Section 42820 shall designate a person or persons who shall be authorized to make immediate payments by check, drawn on the revolving cash fund, for purchases in an amount of one thousand dollars ($1,000) or less, including tax and freight, or at the time of preparing the order for those purchases to make the check payable to the vendor permitting him or her to fill in the amount to be paid upon shipment of the purchases, the check to state on its face that it is not valid for more than one thousand dollars ($1,000). A monthly list of the payments shall be submitted to the governing board by the designated person or persons for approval. Upon approval of those expenditures by the governing board, the clerk of the governing board shall draw an order for the replenishment of the revolving cash fund from the county or joint school district fund in the county treasury belonging to the school district. The order shall be treated in the same manner as prescribed for payment of other claims against the funds of the school district. Any person who issues a check drawn on the revolving cash fund shall be personally liable for the amount of the check only if the expenditure is in violation of rules and regulations established by the governing board with respect to the revolving cash fund.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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