CA Educ Code Section 42804

The person entrusted with the revolving fund shall not be authorized to expend any portion of the fund except for services or material, the securing or purchasing of which is a legal charge against the district, and no expenditure shall be made unless a receipt is obtained therefor setting forth the date and the purpose of the expenditure and the amount expended. The governing board of any school district may establish and account for the revolving fund in one or more banks. The account shall be known as “The Revolving Fund Account of (insert name of district) District” and shall be established in the custody of the officer for whose use the revolving cash fund is created who shall be responsible for the payment into the account or accounts of all moneys required to be reimbursed into the account or accounts, and for all expenditures therefrom, subject to such regulations as the governing board prescribes. A bill shall be presented to the district monthly, or oftener if necessary, for the reimbursement of the fund in the same manner as other bills are presented. Bills shall be supported by the receipts required. All sums received in payment of the bills shall be returned to the revolving cash fund or bank account or accounts and each person entrusted with the revolving cash fund shall, upon demand of the county superintendent of schools or the county auditor or of the governing board of the district, give an account of the fund.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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