CA Educ Code Section 41976


For purposes of this chapter, the following classes and courses are authorized to be offered by school districts and county superintendents of schools for apportionment purposes from the adult education fund:


Adult programs in parenting, including parent cooperative preschools, and classes in child growth and development, parent-child relationships, and parenting.


Adult programs in elementary and secondary basic skills and other courses and classes required for the high school diploma. Apportionments for these courses and classes may only be generated by students who do not possess a high school diploma, except for remedial academic courses or classes in reading, mathematics, and language arts.


Adult education programs in English as a second language.


Adult education programs for immigrants eligible for educational services in citizenship, English as a second language, and workforce preparation classes in the basic skills of speaking, listening, reading, writing, mathematics, decisionmaking and problem solving skills, and other classes required for preparation to participate in job specific technical training.


Adult education programs for adults with disabilities.


Adult short-term career technical education programs with high employment potential. Any reference to “vocational” education or programs in adult education means “career technical” education or programs in adult education.


Adult programs for older adults.


Programs offering pre-apprenticeship training activities conducted in coordination with one or more apprenticeship programs approved by the Division of Apprenticeship Standards for the occupation and geographic area.


Adult programs in home economics.


Adult programs in health and safety education.


No state apportionment shall be made for any course or class that is not set forth in subdivision (a).
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