CA Educ Code Section 41881

The Superintendent of Public Instruction shall allow to each district participating in a regional occupational center or to each county superintendent of schools operating a regional occupational center, for each unit of average daily attendance attributable to a person educated in a regional occupational center or program pursuant to Section 52315, the following amounts:


One thousand nine hundred fifty-five dollars ($1,955) for each person with a visual impairment.


One thousand one hundred twenty dollars ($1,120) for each deaf person.


Six hundred twenty dollars ($620) for each orthopedically impaired person. The allowance prescribed by this section is in addition to other allowances or apportionments which may be received because of such attendance and can only be received if the specific service for which the allowance or apportionment is made is not otherwise provided by a community college within a reasonable commuting distance of the regional occupational center. Each governing body maintaining a regional occupational center or program shall account for expenditures made on account of additional special instruction and support services pursuant to Section 52315. Expenditures shall be reported as an amount per pupil in average daily attendance in each of the categories specified in subdivisions (a), (b), and (c). If the Superintendent of Public Instruction determines that the expenditures, as reported, do not equal or exceed the allowances prescribed in subdivisions (a), (b), and (c), the amount of the deficiency shall be withheld from apportionments to the school district or the county superintendent of schools in the succeeding fiscal year in accordance with the procedure prescribed in Section 41341.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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