CA Educ Code Section 41404

The Superintendent of Public Instruction shall determine the reduction in state support resulting from excess administrative employees identified in subdivision (d) of Section 41403 as follows:


Compute the ratio which total state support to the district general fund bears to the total general fund income of the district.


Multiply the ratio determined pursuant to subdivision (a) by the average salary of administrative employees.


Multiply the product of subdivision (b) by the number of administrative employees converted to the nearest whole number in excess of the maximum number specified in Section 41402. The amount of the second principal apportionment made to the district for the current fiscal year pursuant to Section 41335 shall be reduced by the product so produced. However, no reduction shall reduce the final apportionment below the amount specified in Section 6 of Article IX of the California Constitution.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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