CA Educ Code Section 41360


Loans may be made from moneys in the Public School District Organization Revolving Fund to newly organized elementary, high school, or unified school districts upon application of the governing board of any such school district, certified by the county superintendent of schools and approved by the Superintendent for use by the school district during the period from the date the action to form the school district was completed and the date the school district becomes effective for all purposes. Money loaned to a school district pursuant to this section shall be used only to meet one or more of the following:


The expenses of office rental, office supplies, postage, telephone, and telegraphing.


The expenses of necessary elections required by law or authorized by Section 35532.


The expenses of employing, the salary of, and necessary travel expenses of officers and necessary clerical help for the governing board of the school district.


During each of the two successive fiscal years commencing with the first fiscal year of the existence of the school district for all purposes, the State Controller shall deduct from apportionments made to that school district an amount equal to one-half of the amount loaned to that school district under this section and pay the same amount into the Public School District Organization Revolving Fund in the State Treasury.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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