CA Educ Code Section 41022

Except as provided in this section, any election held for the purpose permitting a school district to exceed the expenditure of school district funds fixed by the Constitution or by the statutes of the state shall be called, held, and conducted as nearly as possible as are elections for the issuance of school district bonds. The notice of election shall contain only the following:


The time and place or places of holding the election.


The names of the officers appointed to conduct the election.


The hours during the day in which the polls will be open.


The amount by which it is proposed to increase the expenditures of the district during the school year.


The total amount of proposed expenditures of the district, including the proposed increase, for the school year. The ballots used at the election shall contain the following language: “Shall the total authorized expenditures of the district be increased from ____ (naming the sum) to ____ (naming the sum) for the school year ____ (naming the school year)?” The hours during which the polls at the election are open shall be fixed in accordance with Section 14212 of the Elections Code.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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