CA Educ Code Section 35564

If the reorganization of a school district under this chapter results in the relocation of district boundaries so that a portion of the pupils will not be residents of the district thereafter maintaining a school previously attended by the pupils, and if there is in the school an organized student body, the property, funds, and obligations of the student body shall be divided as determined by the county committee, except that the share shall not exceed an amount equal to the ratio which the number of pupils leaving the school bears to the total number of pupils enrolled. The ownership of the property, funds, and obligations, which is the proportionate share of each segment of the student body, shall be transferred to the student body of the school or schools in which the pupils are enrolled after the reorganization. Funds from devises, bequests, or gifts made to the organized student body of a school shall remain the property of the organized student body of that school and shall not be divided.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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