CA Educ Code Section 35557


Notwithstanding Section 5000, whenever, in a district that has been wholly absorbed into one or more other districts and continues in existence as a district until the reorganization in which it has been included is effective for all purposes and a governing board member election is otherwise required to be held prior to the effective date of the reorganization, no election shall be held. Instead, the county superintendent of schools shall appoint successors to the members whose terms expire on the first Friday in December following the date upon which the election would otherwise have been held. The appointees shall hold office until the reorganization becomes effective for all purposes.


Subdivision (a) shall apply to any school district governed by a city board of education whenever the school district has been included with other school district territory within a unification effected pursuant to this chapter, where both of the following apply:


The charter of the city involved requires an election of city school district governing board members to be held prior to the date the new unified district becomes effective for all purposes.


The governing board of the new unified school district is organized to be subject to the provisions of this code rather than the provisions of the city charter.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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