CA Educ Code Section 22337


The requirements and procedures described in this section shall apply, to the extent that they are applicable, to the following sections:


Section 22309.


Section 22661.


Section 22662.


Section 22663.


Section 22801.


Section 23104.


Section 23203.


Section 24615.


Section 26214.


A communication or other action described in a section listed in subdivision (a) may be made by electronic delivery pursuant to the requirements of this section. The system may designate electronic delivery the default method of communication or other action with regard to these sections, provided that the system notifies the parties affected that they have the right to request delivery by mail and that, unless the affected party elects, in a manner specified by the system, to continue delivery by mail, delivery shall be provided electronically.


Prior to the designation described in subdivision (b), mail shall continue to be the default method of communication unless the member, nonmember spouse, participant, nonparticipant spouse, or beneficiary has requested that he or she receive that communication electronically, pursuant to a procedure specified by the system.


If a provision in a section listed in subdivision (a) requires that action be taken within a specified number of days of a mailing date, and electronic delivery has been substituted for delivery by mail, date of electronic delivery shall substitute for date of mailing for purposes of measuring the number of days within which an action is to be taken.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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