CA Educ Code Section 19989

The grant funds authorized pursuant to Section 19988, and the matching funds provided pursuant to Section 19995, shall be used by the recipient for any of the following purposes:


Acquisition or construction of new facilities or additions to existing public library facilities.


Acquisition of land necessary for the purposes of subdivision (a).


Remodeling or rehabilitation of existing public library facilities or of other facilities for the purpose of their conversion to public library facilities. All remodeling and rehabilitation projects funded with grants authorized pursuant to this chapter shall include any necessary upgrading of electrical and telecommunications systems to accommodate Internet and similar computer technology.


Procurement or installation, or both, of furnishings and equipment required to make a facility fully operable, if the procurement or installation is part of a construction or remodeling project funded pursuant to this section.


Payment of fees charged by architects, engineers, and other professionals, whose services are required to plan or execute a project authorized pursuant to this chapter.
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Aug. 19, 2023

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